Cleansing Gel Anti-Blemish 02

Cleansing Gel Anti-Blemish 02


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In order to achieve smooth, beautiful skin and natural looking makeup, you have to cleanse your skin well first. Now you can achieve the results you desire in no time with Flormar's face cleansing gel for acne-prone skin! This soothing gel designed specifically for acne-prone skin offers effective face cleansing and refreshes the skin thanks to its fragrance that contains matcha tea extract. CLEANSING GEL ANTI-BLEMISH, which provides your skin with the sensitive care it needs and cleanses without drying out or irritating the skin, removes makeup residue and blemishes, offering a radiant appearance. Thanks to its special formula designed for acne-prone skin, the gel offers deep cleansing for pores when gently applied. When applied regularly, this gel, which allows you to achieve soft skin that is free of blackheads, provides a smooth appearance.

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