Moisture Boost

Moisture Boost

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If You're Looking For A Solution To Avoid Nail Breakage And Want To Strengthen Nails, Flormar Moisture Boost Is Exactly What You Need! Moisture Boost Provides Extra Care For Your Nails Which Lack Moisture Due To External Factors, Impacts, Air Change, And Nail Polish Use. The Nail Care Primer, Which Provides Intensive Moisturizing, Contains Specially Formulated Rich Oils For Dry And Quickly Broken Nails That Prevent Breakage And Strengthen Nails. Thanks To These Rich Oils, Your Nails Are Protected Against Breakage And Have A Smooth Appearance. When You Want To Use Flormar With A Nail Polish Color Of Your Choice, You Can Apply Moisture Boost Under Your Nail And Continue To Meet The Moisture Need Of Your Nails. With The Moisture Boost, Which Gives The Nails A Silky Elegance Even When Used Alone, You Can Have Stronger And More Durable Nails, And Achieve The Perfection You Dream Of.

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