Conditioning Brow Primer

Conditioning Brow Primer

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Another Important Detail You Shouldn't Overlook When Applying Skin Makeup Are The Eyebrows! Flormar Conditioning Brow Primer, Which Was Specially Designed For The Lite It Up Collection, Is Perfect For Caring For Your Eyebrows, The Feature On Your Face That Reflects Your Expression And Adds Meaning And Depth To Your Eyes! Thanks To Its High-Quality Formula And Its Packaging That Offers A Convenient And Ergonomic Grip, You Can Replace Your Sparse Eyebrows With Much Fuller Eyebrows. Allowing The Brows To Become Fuller Thanks Its Special Tip That Speeds Up Blood Flow, The Nourishing Eyebrow Primer Allows You To Achieve Shaped And Well-Cared For Eyebrows That Look Healthy. When Used As A Serum With Its Formula That Suits All Skin Types And Is Enriched With Essences, The Primer Nourishes The Eyebrows; When Used As A Primer, This Unparalleled Product Lengthens The Wear Of Makeup And Enhances The Effect Of Other Eyebrow Products.

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